Who doesn’t love a no-fuss family dinner? Thanks to Rachel Greenspan, we were inspired by a few of her favorite recipe ideas for awesome one-pot  meals cooked with love!

Artichoke Spinach Feta-Stuffed Shells

This dish is a great source of plant based protein, and perfect for Meatless Monday! You can easily swap out feta for a vegan cheese if you’re off dairy, or swap out wheat shells for rice or quinoa shells if you’re off gluten.

One Pot Chicken Dinner

Looking for a one-pot-meal? This chicken dish works well as dinner for two, or dinner for a crowd. Just tweak the quantities, and here we go!

Penne with Chicken & Cauliflower

Looking for a quick, no-fuss dinner? When you have the basics ready, throw this together in less then 5 minutes! Without the basics ready, don’t sweat it – 40 min max – mostly hands off! Create variations of this dish by swapping in different veggies.

Summer Veg Turkey Bolognese

This hearty sauce is filling, yet light enough for a hot meal during the summer. Take advantage of seasonal veggies at their prime, or use frozen chopped veggies to throw together a quick dinner. Use this recipe as a template and 4 cups substitute of your favorite veggies!

Rachel Greenspan, MS RD CDN is a NYC-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Rachel focuses on plant-based recipes inspired by her travels, and loves to experiment in her Kosher kitchen and cook for the crowds. Learn more about Rachel and work with her by visiting her at Whole Greens Nutrition.