We got the chance to see what endurance runner and nutrition Expert Claire Shorenstein is treating herself to after a long run. We’re all about getting out there and moving our feet in the best way possible. Let’s power ourselves like a running pro!

Quinoa Pecan Muffins

We need our carbs like we need our running shoes.

These muffins are relatively small, nutty, wholesome and not too sweet. They make a great post-run snack with healthy fats, whole grains and protein, and freeze well too (microwave for 30 seconds to enjoy). There are two versions that can be made – one that is very close to the original recipe with pecans, canola oil and skim milk, and another using coconut oil, ripe mashed banana, almond milk and no pecans. Both are delicious!

Triple B Pancakes

Can’t go wrong with bananas, blueberries, and buttermilk after a long run.

I love pancakes over the weekend and especially after a long run. These are packed with fiber from the fruit & whole wheat flour, the nuts add some healthy fats and protein, and I often will add some additional protein on the side in the form of a dollop of Greek yogurt or a couple eggs (if I’m craving a little salty & sweet). These freeze well so you can just eat 1 or 2 and save the rest for weekday breakfasts and snacks!

Overnight Oats

Start your day with this healthy twist on Bircher Muesli.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts. Really easy, delicious and keeps me feeling full for many hours (which is hard to do when I’m half marathon or marathon training). This is completely flexible to your tastes and what you have on hand: for example, you can replace with soy milk instead of skim, or use regular yogurt instead of Greek etc.

Experiment to figure out what you like best.

Claire Shorenstein, MS, RDN, CDN is a NYC-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Road Runners Club of America certified coach. As an avid runner over the past 20 years, Claire has competed in numerous team and solo running events from the 5km to 50-mile distance. She combines her personal running experience with her nutrition and coaching expertise to help athletes achieve their performance goals. Claire also works with non-athletes on weight and chronic disease management and wellness. Learn more about Claire at Eat For Endurance.