Make holiday weight a thing of the past as nutrition Expert Lindsey Pine inspired us with her insight on ‘maintaining’ yourself this Thanksgiving season! 


Prepare. Stay light. Enjoy.

  • Eat until you’re satisfied. Let’s not pop the top buttons off our pants.
  • Set parameters! One glass of wine, not two. Pass on seconds of those sneaky mash potatoes.
  • There’s always time to fit in a workout on a holiday. Let’s never forget that.
  • Do NOT go into a meal starving. Enough said.

Oh the choices. On the temptations.

  • Beware. Of. Appetizers. 1,500 calories easily before the turkey hits the table!
  • Plate composition is key: 1/2 of vegetables leaves 1/4 for starch and 1/4 for protein & gravy.
  • Remember: it takes 20 minutes for you to recognize that you’re full. Chill before you consider round two
  • Pumpkin over Pecan Pie!

Sometimes leftovers should be left.

  • Do not take leftovers home. I repeat. Do not take leftovers home.
  • If you’re hosting, let your guests enjoy the leftovers!
  • Try boycotting food coma with the start of a traditional family walk.

Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, CSSD, CLT is a Los Angeles-based dietitian, specializing in food sensitivities and culinary creations.  Whether she’s working with students at University of Southern California or in her private practice, Lindsey helps others find the healthy foods that they love so help sustain their long-term success. To find your tastiest balance in life, connect with Lindsey at Tasty Balance NutritionAnd check out the full article by Lindsey!


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