For all you noodle and pasta lovers out there, let’s get our forks twirling with nutrition Expert Megan Moore as she shares some of her most flavorful… AND fiber-ful recipes! 

Although this recipe is full of nutritious protein and fiber, you’ll be thinking more about the flavorful dance on your tastebuds than anything else. Share this as a side dish at a fiesta inspired dinner party or summertime BBQ.

The perfect recipe to save your waistline when craving ‘take-out’. This recipe is great for dinner, and even better heated up as a leftover the next day!

Trying to avoid unhealthy side dishes at your next potluck? Bring this classic salad (with a healthy spin) to stay on track and leave everyone wanting more!

These adorable portion controlled egg nests are everything they are cracked up to be. Serve these up at your next brunch!


Megan Moore, RD, CD is a Seattle-based Registered Dietitian who is on a mission to empower others to live a healthy and happy life they love. Through her fresh, feel-good creations, she inspires others to reach their health and wellness goals by setting a solid foundation for enjoying nourishing, delicious meals. Find more recipes by visiting Megan at The Savored Plate.

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