With the holidays passing us by and a New Year upon us, here’s how you can feel healthy and satisfied while enjoying the rest of your holiday season.


The holidays can be a challenging time in many ways. With social events abound with food and drinks, it can be difficult to stay on track with a healthy eating regimen during these times. In addition, there will be some people in our lives that may try to get you to take “just one bite” because they do not understand your ultimate goals or the healthy habits you are trying to sustain. Although it may be difficult to do, you must ask yourself these things:

1. Why do I really want to eat this food?
2. How will it make me feel afterwards?
3. Will not eating that food diminish my enjoyment of the event?

It takes a lot of strength and confidence in oneself to just say “No thank you” or “It looks wonderful, but I am okay for now.”

No one will actually be hurt by your saying no,

and having the strength to stand tall in your healthy lifestyle and be proud of the changes you are making will only add to your overall confidence and peace of mind. If you are planning on indulging a little this holiday season, here are some tips to use to help you feel satisfied without straying too far off course:

TIP # 1

Eat a protein-rich snack and drink a lot of water about an hour before the event.

TIP # 2

Carry a protein snack (or two) with you during the event.

TIP #3

Drink water in between bites.

TIP #4

Start with eating your non-starchy veggies, then protein, and save starchy foods for last. That way, by the time you get to the carbohydrate-laden dishes, you will be too full eat more than you can really handle.

TIP #5

Contribute a healthy dish if you are going to a potluck party or event.

Staci Gulbin, MS, Med, RD, LDN is a Portland-based Registered Dietitian with a licensed private practice in Oregon and Maryland. Staci focuses on helping others be confident in the choices they make and to value themselves enough to make healthier decisions, even in moments where family and work life can be overwhelming. 

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