Let’s face it: beauty can be costly! Luckily for us, nutrition Expert Lindsey Pine shows us that the way we eat can make all the difference in rejuvenating your skin, hair, and nails. Read on as Lindsey shares how our most resourceful skin care and manicure doesn’t have to come from a bottle!

Often times, early signs for nutrient deficiencies can manifest itself subtly in our skin, hair, and nails. Should you find these areas of your body are dry, dull, or brittle, use these signs as a health indicator of what nutritious foods you may need to include more of in your diet.

Let’s take a closer look:



Great source of antioxidants, magnesium, and calcium for your skin and nails.

Cooking Ideas
  • Kale chips
  • Baby spinach for salads instead of iceberg lettuce
  • Sauteed greens with olive oil and garlic
  • Add to soups
  • Chop well and added to ground meats like meatballs and meatloaf.
  • Even add to brownies!
  • Blend into smoothies

Be resourceful! Frozen spinach is a great option to add to soups and meatloaf.



Contains Omega-3 healthy fats, vitamin E, biotin.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in the structure of cell membranes and in decreasing inflammation in the bod. Vitamin E and biotin are critical for skin and nail health.

Cooking Ideas
  • 1 handful per day as a snack salad topping
  • Add to rice pilaf or even lentils
  • Sprinkle over a Greek yogurt parfait
  • “Candied” walnuts
  • Mix into oatmeal
  • The California Walnuts website has great ideas for cooking with walnuts.

I love all nuts, but I especially love walnuts because they are usually cheaper than popular nuts like almonds, cashews and pistachios. Don’t buy the tiny bags of nuts at the grocery store, as they are more expensive. Many grocery stores have bulk bins for nuts, dried fruits, beans and spices.



Contains beta carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

All three of these nutrients assist in the growth and maintenance of healthy tissues. Vitamin C specifically is part of the collagen development process, important for skin health.

Cooking Ideas
  • Bake in the oven or microwave whole and top with veggie chili or even the Argentinian parsley sauce called chimichurri
  • Top baked sweet potatoes with greek yogurt, honey and cinnamon Slice into wedges for oven baked fries
  • Use sweet potatoes for mashed potatoes instead of regular white potatoes
  • Add hearty chunks added to chili, soups and stews
  • Puree into a “creamy” creamless soup



Contains biotin, vitamin D, protein, and zinc.

Biotin and protein play a role in the development of keratin, which in turn builds strength in hair and nails. Zinc is critical in promoting healthy hair growth.

Cooking Ideas
  • Keep boiled eggs in the fridge for quick snacks
  • Whip up a frittata packed with veggies. Frittata is basically an open faced omelet, cut into wedges.
  • Add chopped boiled eggs to salads
  • Mash boiled eggs with chopped dill and hummus (my personal fave and the only way I like boiled eggs!)
  • Add beaten eggs and milk to oatmeal and cook in the microwave.

Because there’s isn’t any nutritional difference between white and brown eggs, choose the white ones if the price is higher for the brown eggs. The difference lies only with the type of hen that lays the egg.




While it is technically not a food, but water is super important! Those who are consistently dehydrated often have dry, tight skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is thirsty, so drink up! Be sure to get at least eight 8 ounce glasses each day and more if you exercise.

The best thing of all…water is (often) free! Add some lemon, lime or orange slices for extra flavor.

Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, CSSD, CLT is a Los Angeles-based dietitian, specializing in food sensitivities and culinary creations.  Whether she’s working with students at University of Southern California or in her private practice, Lindsey helps others find the healthy foods that they love so help sustain their long-term success. To find your tastiest balance in life, connect with Lindsey at Tasty Balance Nutrition.

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