Looking for a ice-cold drink after a long training run that packs a superfood punch? Look no further than nutrition Expert Rachael Hartley’s ultimate recovery smoothie!

When official training for my next half marathon started, I had to start paying a little bit more attention to how I was feeding myself. Since I started training during the insanely hot South Carolina days, my ice-cold ultimate recovery smoothies played a vital role!

So what’s in this smoothie that makes it so special?

Chocolate vegan plant-based protein powder

After a strenuous run, it’s important to get a nice dose of protein to switch the catabolic hormones (break down muscle) to anabolic hormones (build muscle). I chose dark cocoa because not only does it taste like a chocolate milkshake, but chocolate also contains antioxidants that help reduce post workout soreness! Chocolate is also great for pre-workout snacking as it contains antioxidants called epicatechins that improve blood flow to muscles, improving endurance.

Tart cherry juice

The sour taste of tart cherry juice is an indication of high levels of anthocyanins, an antioxidant that helps reduce post workout pain and soreness. Look for pure tart cherry juice in the drink aisle along with the other juices bottled in glass jars.

Medjool dates

With their sweet, caramel like taste, dates are one of my favorite ways to sweeten foods. Dates are mineral rich, which helps replace what was lost in sweat. They also provide a concentrated source of natural sugars, which your body needs after a workout to restore glycogen stores.


Potassium!! A ton of it is lost in sweat when you’re running outside. Bananas are a concentrated source of potassium, as well as natural sugars to boost glycogen stores.


I call spirulina nature’s multi-vitamin. Spirulina is an algae that’s commonly used as a supplement because of its nutrient density. It contains more nutrients, and a wider variety of nutrients than just about any food out there. If you use a small amount, you won’t taste it, so start with 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Coconut Water

Often called “nature’s sports drink” because of the sodium and potassium it contains, I love the light and refreshing flavor it adds to this smoothie.

See the full recipe and instructions at Avocado A Day Nutrition!

Rachael Hartley, RD, LD, CDE is a private practice dietitian, food enthusiast, and nutrition expert based in Columbia, SC.  By guiding others to rediscover the joy of nourishment rather than deprivation, Rachael helps men and women alike improve their health and well-being through delicious whole food recipes and practical advice. To begin living your healthiest days ahead, connect to work with Rachael by visiting Avocado A Day Nutrition

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