Do you see the world as half full, or half empty? The power of perception is the key to a fulfilled life, here’s how you can stay grateful for the life you have.


Life is messy and hectic; it is supposed to be. Sometimes, we think if we only had more money, received a job promotion, or were thinner…all of our problems in life would magically disappear.  This is rarely the case.

Practicing gratitude is so important in allowing us to focus on what we have instead of what’s missing, and achieving that feeling of fulfillment comes from appreciating the abundance we have in our lives.  Here are some of the best ways you can begin to take back your life through gratitude:

Let people know you care

When we go about our day-to-day, it is easy to forget about those around us. Take time to tell your friends and family you love them or are thinking of them. Make sure the people in your life know that you are thankful for them. Recognize the good health you have today, because gratitude stems from the time you have with loved ones.

Staying present

With so much going on in our lives, it is easy to get caught up in our everyday tasks and forget what is most important. Go outside and get grounded by taking note of the changing leaves or how the air feels. Listen for the sounds of nature that we usually tune out when we are on autopilot. Think of the brilliance of this planet and how small we are compared to the universe. Understand what a miracle our life is.

Random act of kindness

One way to practice gratitude is by doing something for someone else. This represents that you recognize your abundance, and that to spread love means to share it with others. Buy the person behind you coffee, make cookies for the mailman, or simply give someone a compliment.

What really matters

We often waste energy and time stressing over things that aren’t truly important to our wellbeing. We have only one life, so take a step back and reflect on what is really important.

Gratitude journal

A wonderful tool for handling stress and keeping positive is to write in a gratitude journal everyday. Simply start writing in your journal once a week to celebrate what you have achieved for the week, whether they be big or small wins.

When you get in the habit of celebrating even the smallest wins, you allow yourself to step into your spotlight and recognize what you have already accomplished. Go back to reflect and resonate with what you have written weeks before. It will provide a new perspective on just how far you have come.

Haley Goodrich, RD, LDN is a private practice Registered Dietitian based in Pittsburgh, PA inspiring others to have a healthy relationship with food.  Specializing in disordered eating, intuitive eating, and GI disorders, Haley’s mission is to show that healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive or defined by how you compare to others. To stay inspired to be your healthiest you, visit Haley at INSPIRD Nutrition.