Finding your health and happiness begins when we are willing to give to ourselves first.  Here’s a reminder on how to practice self-love and care, so you can positively impact those around you.


Giving yourself love, commitment, and joy are the key to allow your life to blossom. When you fill yourself up, it naturally overflows to others who will, in turn, positively impact your life.  By creating a beautiful positive feedback cycle that has no end, your life will always feel fulfilled.

Here are 10 simple ways you can begin to give to yourself:

1. Plan your morning.  

Make sure there is time for an easy rise, 10 minutes to think and meditate, and a leisurely breakfast to fortify your day.  Getting ready isn’t to look good.  It’s about feeling taken care of.  Practice on a day off to see exactly how much time that takes you and build it into your day.

2. Take in positive information.  

Choose an uplifting podcast or read an empowering, nurturing book.  Listen to groovy beats.

3. Say it out loud.

If your thoughts go to a negative space, anxiety builds or you feel just plain rotten.  Say the word “pivot” out loud, and physically turn your body.

4. Eat the rainbow.

Make sure half of your plate is piled with veggies and is as colorful as a rainbow.  It appeals to your eyes and your heart.  We are a species dying to be stimulated.  Make meals a nourishing experience for all your senses.

5. Journal your dreams.  

Write it down and make it real.  In your head is just a thought.  On paper, it’s a creation.

6. Do what you say you’re going to do.

Having integrity with yourself builds your trust and your will to grow.

7. Buy yourself flowers.  

Add color and freshness to a space in your home or office that you frequent. Change up the ordinary.

8. Stay hydrated.

This one is simple: DRINK TONS OF WATER.

9. Keep it natural.

Protect and heal your skin with natural products that don’t contain chemicals and additives.

10. Know how you spend.

Pay close attention to where you spend your money.  Money is energy.  Don’t waste your energy on frivolous things you don’t need.  If it truly is a necessity, allows you to express yourself fully, or supports your growth, spend.  If not, don’t.

Adapted from the original article.

Rachel Harvest, MS, RD, CDN is a NYC-based Registered Dietitian, behavioral health nutritionist, and wellness coach.  With her philosophy centered around the love we need to give ourselves before finding our health and happiness, Rachel is on a mission to help you dig deep within to create the life you want for yourself.  To work on you with somebody who loves you no matter what, visit Rachel at The Harvest Method.

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