It’s human nature to look for quantitative metrics to measure and track our success in life. That is no different when it comes to the numbers on the weight scale,  but its association with health is not always an accurate one.


Weight is just a number.

We all know that. But why must we put so much power in it?  

Think about the moment leading up to the scale. Clothes off. Jewelry off. Inhale. Hesitate to look down.

And then…there it is.  Whatever predetermined number you’ve set in your head to be either “good” or “bad.”

It’s almost like it defines your self-worth.

And either way, you’ll likely take it out on your body. If the number is “good” maybe you’ll have that extra cookie you’ve been restricting. If the number is “bad”, maybe you’ll go to bed hungry. You see the problem with both situations, right? This number has too much control. Too much control over something that honestly isn’t even all that accurate when it comes to measuring your progress.

The truth is, your weight doesn’t tell the truth.  

It is only a number – a number that doesn’t take into account all the hard work you’ve spent engaging in physical activity, building lean muscles, and cooking more at home to be healthier.  

The scale doesn’t make it okay when you are retaining water because that’s your body’s way of staying hydrated, and it doesn’t tell you that you looked gorgeous in that dress last night.

The scale is no one you want to be friends with. Unless you choose to accept that it only tells part of the story. Remember, you’re more than what the scale makes you think you are.

Your weight does not define your self-worth.

Adapted from the original article. 

Marissa Puleo, RDN, LDN is a private practice Registered Dietitian based in Scranton, PA helping people find the balance between healthy and happy.  As a ‘food peace promoter’, Marissa specializes in helping those with food struggles and disordered eating in learning how to enjoy food while leaving guilt and self criticisms behind. Connect with Marissa at Thrive Nutrition. 

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