You only have one life, so fill it up well! Here are 5 principles to create a happy life through the fulfillment of your body and mind.


By definition, the definition of well fed means “having good meals regularly”. But why is there a tendency when we think about improving our health, losing weight, or changing how we eat, food gets placed in a negative light?

Food has become something that we fear, loathe, and oftentimes, can control our lives.

There is a constant narrative of negativity when it’s about food and our relationship with it as we continue our search for the “right” diet, the “best” weight loss solution, and eliminating all the “bad” foods in order to be “clean” and healthy.

We often tell ourselves:

“I won’t be able to eat…”

“I’m going to miss my favorite food…”

“I need to eat less…”

“I need to give up…”

“I could never eat…”

Instead, what if we remember that food at its most basic level is meant to give our bodies all the nourishment to keep us healthy and happy, so we can function to do the most basic tasks in our daily lives?

What if we simply reframe the way we think about food around these 5 principles of how well fed we are, and remember that food is meant to be:

  1. Enjoyed for its unique flavors and textures.
  2. As delicious as can be.
  3. Nourishing from the inside out.
  4. Eaten together with family and friends.
  5. Appreciated for the amazing nutrients within it.

By communicating a more positive message about the way food improves our daily health, we can begin to establish a nourishing relationship with food that will last. And by embracing these five principles of being “well fed”, our bodies will begin to balance naturally to give us the ability to achieve our greatest health goals yet.

A well fed life sounds more fulfilling, doesn’t it?

Adapted from the original article.

Jessica Patel, RDN, LDN is a Chicago-based private practice dietitian who helps others connect with good food through simple, healthful cooking techniques. With a love for wholesome, natural food, Jessica uses a holistic-minded approach to nutrition to help her clients stay healthy through the healing power of nourishing foods. Visit her at Well Fed Nutrition.