Take a closer look and ask yourself: what type of relationship do you currently have with food? Understand and reform the food relationship you’re meant to have with intuitive eating and nutrition Expert Kylie Mitchell.

Have you considered stopping the dieting cycle? When you decide to do that, you are entering into a new relationship with yourself.  

Let’s take a look at the relationship you may currently have with yourself.

Does it look like an abusive relationship that:

  • Forces you to manipulate your body size.
  • Makes you do 30-day sugar cleanses.
  • Tells you that you can’t trust your hunger.
  • Terrifies you with bits of sensational nutrition information that forces you to eliminate gluten and eat plant-based everything out of fear for your health.
  • Fills your head with lies like: “If you eat non-organic food, dairy, or carbs, you will get every chronic disease ever.”
  • Leads you to believe that this relationship you’re in and what you’re putting up with is normal and isn’t really that bad.
  • Limits your only carb sources to sweet potatoes and quinoa.
  • Tells you the food at restaurants is made differently and you should be careful around it.
  • Leads you to binge on “bad” foods when you’ve been depriving yourself.
  • Forces you to weigh and measure food.
  • Tells you your worth comes from your weight.
  • Pushes you to compulsively exercise.

Seriously, why are you staying in a relationship with a person who does all these things to you? This person is basically a significant other who you have continued to go back to for years despite years of mental abuse.

It’s time to break up.

You should be in a relationship with someone that helps you live a better life, and feel vibrant and alive. Someone who will tell you that dieting is an external authority that simply disregards your own internal needs and cues to eat intuitively.

In this new relationship you’re about to start, you will learn to turn the volume down on external influences. That includes your dieting friends, Pinterest meal plans, and clean food Instagram accounts.  You will begin to tune back into your internal cues and values.  And through this process, your interior cues will begin to inform your exterior behavior that you no longer want it to influence your soul.  

And most importantly, remember…

Healthy Self = Heal Thy Self.

Adapted from the original article.

Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RDN, LD is a Houston-based Registered Dietitian helping individuals create a healthier relationship with food without restrictions. By promoting positive body image, Kylie is driven to stop disordered eating and help people fall back in love with a healthy relationship with food and their body. Read more from Kylie at immaEATthat.