What better way to start your day off than with an energizing breakfast? Get to know why it makes your mornings better.


Eating breakfast can be hard for some people, especially for those who are not morning people. However, every meal is important and none of them should be skipped, especially one that jumpstarts your day. While eating breakfast won’t magically make all of your health issues go away, eating breakfast can help you sustain energy and stop you from overeating at lunch because you’re not starving before noon.

Here are 3 reasons to spend just a little bit of time to start your mornings off with a nourishing breakfast:

1. Power through your mornings at work

The word breakfast comes from the idea that you’re “breaking the fast.” Assuming you get the recommended amount of sleep, your body wakes up in the morning having gone 7-8 hours without food, or longer if you did not have a snack before bed. This means that your blood sugar is low, which can make you tired and make it difficult to focus as you’re starting out your day.

In order to provide your body with fuel to focus on school, or work, or traffic, you need to eat breakfast. To help your blood sugar stay stable it’s a good idea to get protein and fiber in your breakfast, as a blood sugar crash after a high sugar breakfast may make you feel more tired than before you ate.

2. Feel better before and after exercise

If you train or exercise in the morning, breakfast is even more important so you can get the most out of your session. Grab something with carbohydrates, like a granola bar or some toast, before the gym, followed by a full breakfast after your workout with carbohydrates and protein to help with recovery. The carbohydrates before your workout won’t only help power you through your workout, but studies have shown that pre-workout breakfast may help improve your mood for the rest of the day.

3. Grab-and-go is better than nothing at all

If mornings are rushed, go with a breakfast that’s quick and nutrient-rich, such as whole wheat toast and peanut butter. Top it off with a banana or apple slices if you are eating later in the morning for extra nutrients. Consider picking one day a week where you make a week’s worth of supply of grab-and-go egg breakfasts, such as mini frittatas.  If you just can’t stand the idea of eating so early in the day, try a smoothie – throw in Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and a little bit of fruit juice or milk in the blender and your breakfast is ready to drink.

So many studies have linked eating breakfast with improved cognitive function that some schools are even considering implementing grab-and-go breakfast ideas to help students perform at their best.

So there you have it…enjoy breakfast and conquer your day!

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Taryn Schubert, RD is a Los Angeles-based Registered Dietitian and NASM Certified Personal Trainer helping people create healthy diets that fit their lifestyle. With her specialty in adult weight management and mindful eating, Taryn believes food should be a source of joy and nourishment, not “good” or “bad” in the way society perpetuates. Visit Taryn and begin creating your healthier relationship with food.