Rethink your relationship with the weight scale, and ask yourself: how helpful has it really been for my health? 


While being defined by the number on the scale appears to be incredibly shallow on the surface, there is often much more beneath it all.  

The reality is that countless individuals, some who have eating disorders and others who do not, are subjected to slavery with their scale.  There is a harsh retribution that is often enacted when the number does not meet expectation.  This can take the form of severe restricting, extreme exercising, poor body image, low self-esteem, chronic dieting, dieting fads and crashes, binging, purging, compulsive eating, and more.

Sadly, too many individuals have wasted precious moments of their lives based on the reading of a scale. But guess what?  

You can choose to end that all TODAY.  No more weighing yourself, no more punishing your body based on what the scale says, no more keeping your life on hold until the scale gives you permission to do otherwise.  


You know what the scale tells you?  A simple measurement of your body in relation to gravity.  


It cannot tell you the overall health of your body or measure any depth about your character or personality. It cannot capture priceless memories that will stay with you for a lifetime or hold the depth of love you experience in a relationship.

Weight cannot define what you can or cannot achieve, your intellect, your emotion, your capabilities, potential, aspirations. If your weight has negatively defined your life thus far, it’s time to rethink your relationship with that scale because it is a number that does not define your worth in any way, shape or form.

If you have struggled with your own self-worth, poor body image, an eating disorder, disordered eating, or have constantly subjected yourself to the number on your scale, take a small step toward freedom and smash your own scale goodbye.  

Liberate yourself from diet culture and say good riddance to a object that has no positive meaning in your life.

Everything you need to live the life you’ve always wanted already resides within you.  

If you are struggling with an eating disorder but unsure where to get help, consider calling the toll-free helpline at the National Eating Disorder Association at 1-800-931-2237.

Adapted from the original article.

Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC is a San Diego-based private practice dietitian helping others embrace their health for themselves and their loved ones.  Focusing on maternal/child health and eating disorders, Crystal creates the nurturing, safe environment that is needed to help guide individuals towards a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.