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Tired of the same ol’ guacamole? Make it a party in your mouth with these 5 ways to mix up the flavors!


So you like guacamole. Join the tribe, there are many of us.

And if you are a whiz in the kitchen, you probably have some type of go-to guac recipe that is “the best of all time”. Trust me, we all have this level of self-confidence and pride about our own sacred guac-recipe.

Guac is amazing, and the recent avocado pricing scare literally caused me to lose sleep. Eat guac while you can, folks! And never take this avocado-filled life for granted.

Check out these 5 recipes that start with a basic guacamole recipe as a base, then add in the extras below. I hope this guacs your world.

1. Mango 

This is a go-to party pleaser that takes a Memorial Day BBQ from zero to hero. Add two cubed mangos into your guac, when mangoes are at the peak of their season. Use insider tips to cut a mango like a pro, and kick off the summer strong.

2. Roasted Poblano 

Nothing like a little roasted poblano pepper to heat things up and get the party started! Rub the outside of the pepper with oil and broil for 8-10 minutes, flipping until charred and delicious. Toss the pepper in the dip to add a zesty kick to keep everyone coming back for more.

3. Pomegranate

You think guac is a summer recipe? Think again, my friends! This is a perfect winter guac recipe, highlighting a favorite seasonal flavor. If pitting a pomegranate terrifies you (which is totally understandable), opt for a pre-pitted pom from the market to make life easier. You don’t need much – the equivalent of one pomegranate or 1 cup of seeds should do the trick.

4. Grilled Pineapple 

Not to be outdone by its winter counterpart, pineapple guac is a total summer win! Lightly coat pineapple slices in butter, honey and salt and toss them on the grill before chopping up and adding to your guac. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at every backyard barbecue all summer long, plus that digestive enzyme boost will help you keep the good times going.

5. Street Corn

Elote, anyone? Great for leftovers, used that grilled corn on the cob and toss it in your guac for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up with a tradition Mexican flare. Add some crumbled cotija for a fiesta in a bowl. Ole!

For more guac recipes for fellow avocado aficionados, head over to the original article.

Marissa Thiry, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Orange County, CA with a passion for health, wellness, and delicious food. With her love of innovating in the kitchen and testing unique flavors from different cultures, Marissa helps others understand that eating should be an experience, not a task. Make a visit to read more from Marissa.

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