Take a step back from the need to achieve your goals, and give yourself the love you need to live.

Are you toeing the line between discipline and punishment? Take a step back from the need to achieve, and give yourself the love you need to live.


You’re the ultimate do-er. You fill your life with cult-like exercise regimens, strict whole food eating plans,  leadership training courses and a myriad of other forms of education that, to most, is considered inspiring and igniting.  

For some, it comes naturally to go into a Type-A, robot mode of functioning, all while leaving your self-care and self-compassion behind. You are praised for the effortless, easy way that you approach everything you do, and it seems there’s nothing you can do but succeed.  

“Look at her go, she’s a natural”.

Reality check: despite all that drive and desire, these natural go-getters are the ones who end up burnt out and on the unhealthiest end of the spectrum.

If you are person who’s always pushing, always achieving, always doing…

You’ve got some work to do.

Where are you when it comes to pushing to make time for yourself?  Where are you when it comes to achieving balance between work achievements and downtime to play?  Where are you when it comes to just being in the moment?

It may even give you anxiety just thinking about ‘being in the moment’, because after all, who will save the day and get everything done if you’re not on point?

Here’s a better question to pose to yourself: Who’s going to be there to fill your amazing shoes if you get sick, are broken, or burnt out because you haven’t learned how to pause, reboot and enjoy yourself?

Stop for a moment, sit down, and relax.

Being in the present moment actually allows you to remember just how important you are in the grand scheme of things. Without you, that blazing light you exude won’t shine, and that trust and faith people have in you making it all happen will die off.

While it’s important to be grateful for your capabilities, discipline, and success, don’t punish yourself.

That masochism takes “you” out of the picture, and leaves you depleted.  It’s causing you to show up less than you actually are, and you’re too amazing to not shine your brightest. So rather than trying to push through, allow yourself a restful night’s sleep.

Eat foods that nourish both your body and soul, take a bath,  and drink some wine while you’re in the tub.  Sing your favorite songs, watch your favorite movie, or make crafts.  Or do absolutely nothing.

Be good to yourself as often and effortlessly as you are good at everything else.

Adapted from the original article.

Rachel Harvest, MS, RD, CDN is a NYC-based Registered Dietitian, behavioral health nutritionist, and wellness coach.  With her philosophy centered around the love we need to give ourselves before finding our health and happiness, Rachel is on a mission to help you dig deep within to create the life you want for yourself.  To work on you with somebody who loves you no matter what, visit Rachel at The Harvest Method.