Making progress on your goals and dreams is no small feat, and requires a mindset shift to guide you there. Here’s how you can accomplish what you put your heart and mind to.


We all have goals to make more progress in life. It’s human nature to dream up all of the amazing outcomes and accomplishments that we’d love to achieve in the future. We can all relate to this in some area of life – whether it be a wellness journey, healthy eating, fitness goals, career aspirations, or entrepreneur endeavors.

But what happens when that progress is slower than you thought it would be? Or if you find yourself caught in the comparison trap?

That’s exactly when you need a moment to recenter.

A mental check-in to recognize that feeling insignificant and minor to others is just your mind blocking you from progress.

Here are 5 tips for making your dreams reality when negativity takes hold of your mind.

1. Write it down.

First, get clear on what you want. This is different from saying what you will do, because knowing what you want sets the intention of the action the follows. Then write it down. You can write it down quarterly, yearly, whatever works for you. Plant the seed, and you will be surprised how much this pushes you through the following months.

2. Envision.

Manifestation is, in simple terms, the idea that what you envision will be created and manifested into reality.  You’ve written down your goal, so now you can envision it happening and being real.

Daydream about it in the car, at work, as you’re falling asleep. Envision how that moment or accomplishment will feel, as well as picture the accomplishment actually happening. This positive support makes it hard for you to fail because you have your eye on a specific outcome, and you know you don’t want to let yourself down.

3. Push into the discomfort and anxiety.

The stomach-turning, knot-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach anxiety should never be ignored. If an idea or an actual event is making you feel that way, there is a good chance you should move towards it – not away.

For example, you know you deserve a raise and want to stand up for yourself at work, yet the thought of talking to your supervisor makes your stomach do somersaults – you better go ask for that raise because no one is going to do it for you.

Perhaps you have an opportunity at work or for your business to present to a large audience on a topic you are passionate about, but you hate public speaking and your stomach clenches at the thought – you better give that talk if you want to improve your skills.

Every time you push through those uncomfortable feelings, you become more confident and bring yourself closer to your big dreams.

4. Seize every opportunity.

Seize opportunities to meet new people, go new places, and do new things. You never know where it might lead you, what doors it might open, what connections you might make. Always show up, and always put your best self forward.

5. Do the work.

You can’t write, think, and dream up your big goals without putting in the work. The good stuff happens when you take actionable steps in conjunction with the mindful, intentional, and exploratory tips that were just laid out. Work hard, ask for what you want, be proactive, and know your mindset and the universe is supporting you in your efforts to be the best you can be.

These small moments will create the momentum to keep pushing towards what you are working towards. Don’t discount the power of your mind or positivity, and most importantly,

Trust yourself.

Adapted from the original article.

Courtney Ferreira, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian based in Baltimore, MD with a passion for helping individuals reach their health and wellness through flavorful whole foods and freedom from counting calories, fat, and minutes on a treadmill. For more insightful tips on living your healthiest life, visit Courtney at the RealFoodCourt.