In the midst of discomfort often comes growth and a new perspective on life. Here’s what it means when you step outside of your comfort zone, and into your own.


We are constantly learning in life. And sometimes, when it is fundamentally different from what you know or where you’re currently at, you are choosing the uncomfortable.

It’s not our first inclination to get uncomfortable. It’s in our DNA to survive and be comfortable. But getting a little outside of our comfort zones is where amazing work takes place in our whole bodies – mind, soul, and body.

Before you close out this page and decide this isn’t for you, let’s take a second to help you see that a fuller way of life is the uncomfortable way. And by full, it means a life that yields a deep joy, incredible experiences, and beautiful relationships. Let’s get a little uncomfortable, shall we?

Grow into your own.

When new opportunities are presented, you are choosing to be uncomfortable by adding more to an already busy schedule. You may know that taking this opportunity will be difficult and uncomfortable at times. But you also know that it may add something more to your life in a direction you want to go.

Ask yourself: will it make you more into the person you want to be? Will that person who comes out on the other side be stronger in embodying who you are, and allows you to share more deeply with others in your community?

You may find yourself wanting to quit a number of times because you’re scared of the discomfort that may come with stretching yourself in a new and different direction. But growth is a choice. You can choose to grow in yourself as a person, or you can choose not to grow. No one is holding you back except yourself, and possibly your fear of getting uncomfortable.

There is no such thing as failure.

Remember, growing is a choice, and your method of growth may look different from others. Maybe you’ve had it on your heart to pursue your own business. You are choosing to get uncomfortable by either stepping out in faith with that idea, or adjusting your schedule so you can work on your idea on the side to build it up before leaving your full-time job.

Maybe growing means reaching out for help to heal something that has troubled you in years past, and it’s uncomfortable being vulnerable and asking for help. Maybe getting uncomfortable for you is to try something new and push through any fear of failure. There is no failure when you are pursuing the uncomfortable – only learning and growth.

Just the other side is who you want to be.

There are times when you’re seeking growth where you may start to think, “I can’t do it anymore.” Think of it as your tipping point. But right past that point is where the magic happens…you grow!

Through the struggles, you’ve emerged stronger from your experiences and grown into who you are meant to be. Know that on the other side of discomfort is a place where you are more confident, compassionate, resilient, and bolder in your beliefs.

On the other side of discomfort is that person you envision yourself to be.

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Victoria Yates, RN is a Registered Nurse & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor based in Westchester, NY who focuses on helping women reach a healthier relationship with food and their bodies. She is passionate about guiding others reprogram negative thoughts around food and body image so they may experience a truly joyful life. 

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