Being a healthier version of yourself isn’t simply about the physical. Understand why self-acceptance is the mindset that keeps you on a healthier path for the long term.


Whether intentional or unintentional, we have all experienced and seen the powerful effects of change. And when it comes to pursuing better health, change can be a very good thing. Sometimes it can even be necessary as you contemplate what change means to you, and how much happiness a healthier you may bring. 

But before you move on, here’s an important piece of advice – one that is very important to the journey you are about to set out on.

Your desire for health changes is one that needs to come from a place of self-acceptance. 

That’s because transformation and change is often a long, difficult, bumpy road – one that’s full of seemingly failed attempts. It’s filled with moments where you must pick yourself up and dust yourself off as you approach the finish line with no regrets. 

Here are a few reasons why self-acceptance help you stay on course.

1. Be patient in your journey.

Self-acceptance provides patience and helps you maneuver the inevitable ups and downs, allowing you to persist through difficulties you will inevitably experience.

It’s the acceptance of where you might be now, and that there will be failure. It’s the acceptance of what you cannot control, and of the imperfections that grant you grace to reach the finish line without looking back.

2. Challenge negative self-talk.

Imagine a time when you attempted to make a change.  Think about what you told yourself at the beginning of your journey. What kind of self-talk did you have when you made three steps forward, then found yourself moving two steps back? Did you find it difficult to accept these stages where you moved backwards, and beat yourself up a bit with negative self-talk

Often times, a lack of acceptance makes it harder to move forward when you create an inner dialogue that diminishes your own abilities. Your ability to make positive change starts with the confidence you instill within yourself.

3. Stay focused on the journey, not the destination.

How often have you felt unsatisfied during a process, or still feel like it’s not good enough? When you choose to allow yourself to be happy only when a specific goal is reached, you are unable to enjoy the process. You are unable to appreciate what was actually gained along the way, and fail to recognize all of the necessary self-work you’ve done along the way.

You have only chosen to accept yourself for the version that you thought was acceptable, and not for the very being that you are. You feel unsatisfied because you haven’t yet begun to do the most necessary work of this whole process: 

Learning to accept yourself. 

Many of us believe that if we accept ourselves as who we are, we will stay stagnant and lose motivation to make the changes we desire.  In actuality, a lack of self-acceptance is the very thing that creates the very problems we face along our journey.

Whatever change you want to make – striving to build muscle, eat more balanced meals, manage a chronic illness, conquer a yoga pose, reduce stress, or find food freedom – the first step should always be the same:

Choose to accept.

Adapted from the original article.

Jamie Magdic, RDN is a Registered Dietitian who works both locally in Colorado and virtually all over the US, specializing in eating disorders, disordered eating, body image healing, and exercise addiction. Jamie has a passion to help everyone find full recovery. and is working with others on a very exciting project for those who are on the path to recovery.  To make sure you don’t miss new announcements, make sure to subscribe to Jamie’s page at https://www.yourhappyhealthy.com/subscribe.

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