Seek Better Paths

Many think nutrition and eating are synonymous, but there is a distinct difference.

Eating is taking food into your body, whereas nutrition is taking in food that promotes critical body functions and health.  The nutrients contained in your food can be felt immediately, or impact you further down the road.

How so?

Nutrients are altered through a series of biochemical steps. This helps maintain the production of energy and other necessary cellular parts in life, a process known as metabolism. The impact of nutrition on your health is directly linked to the way metabolism maintains all the biochemical parts that your cells need to survive.

As simple as this conceptual relationship between nutrition and health sounds, the complexity lives heavily within the intricacy of metabolism.  

Metabolism is a complicated yet structured logic sequence that lays out the possible chemical paths that each individual cell in your body can take. These cells range from those in your tissues, to the little bacteria living symbiotically within your body.

And those chemical paths are what lead to different health outcomes: sometimes the outcomes are good, other times, not so good. It’s complex simplicity at its best, in all its hairball glory.

Unfortunately, confusion and inconsistencies around nutrition exist because your metabolism is not static.

It adapts and changes like traffic patterns, influenced by your age, genetics, environment, lifestyle activities, and of course, what you eat. So unless you are living in a perfectly controlled environment, having absolute, precise control over how your food affects your health is simply not realistic.

But not all hope is lost.

What you can do is put into your body the nutrients that will likely influence more positive, beneficial paths.  Paths that give you a higher likelihood of the outcome you want to achieve.  And the best part? There are many optimal ways to get there, so it’s a matter of finding what works for you. 

What path will you choose to take today?

Here are a few ways shared by Experts on how to create better paths in your life:

Healthy Fats