Seek Essentials

We are a society obsessed with physical appearance as the picture of good health.

From flat abs to toned arms, certain physical attributes are considered evidence of a healthy body. While physique is an important reminder in our eyes, many folks miss or even actively ignore physical signs their body indicates when something is wrong.

A simple sign the body puts out is chapped lips.

Beyond the idea that you may need some lip balm, your body is actually trying to say that you haven’t had enough water. That simple physical manifestation implies that matter is essential for maintaining moisture throughout your body, and one area where it shows up is your lips.

Water is essential for your body.

Nutrients, like water, enable critical physiological functions in your body and for the biochemical basis for your health.

Essential ones are made at inadequate amounts or cannot be made at all by your body; therefore, it must be sought out and consumed.

When the body lacks essential nutrients, the critical functions driven by them no longer work the way they should. Malfunctions occur, and your body speaks up to tell you, “Help, give me what I need!” When these signs are ignored for an extended period of time, it becomes the norm for how you feel day-to-day. Quality of life, as a result, suffers unnecessarily.

With an ever growing list of healthy eating tips focusing on what NOT to put in our bodies, we tend to overlook what we SHOULD be putting into our bodies.

This is evident when looking at a typical nutrition label. At the top are the nutrients we are told to limit, and as we move to the very bottom, a few essential vitamins.

Could it be that our priorities on nutrition are a bit backwards? What if we flip that nutrition label hierarchy upside down, start with what is essential to us, and go from there?

As overloaded with information and marketing hype as we are, maybe it’s time to cut out the noise and start with the basics:

What your body absolutely needs.

Here’s some Expert advice on restoring your essentials for your body’s needs: