With the majority of waking hours spent at the workplace for most, have you ever noticed that you may have slipped into some not-so-healthy daily habits?  Nutrition Expert Joanna Li shares a few quick fixes and adjustments to help you get back on track!

Resist saying yes to work treats.

There always seems to be a special occasion at work.  It’s sweet of your coworkers to bring in treats for the team, but save those only for special occasions, like once a month, not every week.

When it’s your turn to bring treats, set a healthy example at the office and bring fruit instead. Somebody will be sure to thank you for that, and you’ll never know, maybe the whole team may catch on…

Stay in control of your hunger.

Sometimes you can mistaken thirst for hunger, so try sipping a cup of tea or water instead, which may help curb your cravings.

If you really need something to munch on, keeping your own healthy snacks comes in handy when you are hungry. Instead of the brownie your coworker is offering you or hitting up the vending machine for goodies, reach for your own stash of trail mix, nuts, fruit, nutrition bars, popcorn, carrot sticks and hummus.

And don’t forget to keep the candy dish off your desk! Move it out of your office or if you must have one, use a container that is not transparent so you can’t see the candy. If you really need a treat, remember you have a stash of healthy snacks.

Get moving.

A sedentary lifestyle naturally happens when you’re sitting all day at your desk. Take a break by getting a standing desk (or make one by stacking boxes and placing your laptop or computer monitor on top!).

You can also consider setting an alarm to remind yourself to refill your water bottle, which forces you to get up to move around, and also helps you stay hydrated throughout the day.

During your lunch break, venture out to a lunch spot further than the one you usually hit up or take advantage of your break and use half the time to take a stroll at a nearby park or just around the neighborhood.

Happy healthy workdays!

Adapted from the original article.

Joanna Li, RD is a Registered Dietitian based in NYC, and is currently a nutrition coordinator helping to improve the health status of low-income pregnant women and their children. For more on Joanna’s love of sharing healthy and delicious meals, visit her at Just My Cup of Jo.

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