The one basic principle of healthy eating that matters the most: being nourished and fulfilled.

The definition of healthy eating seems to change every year, making it forever confusing to know what’s the ‘right’ thing to do.  Know the one basic principle of healthy eating that matters the most: being nourished and fulfilled.


There was a time when I used to think “perfect”, “clean eating” was the equivalent to healthy eating. In fact, I was at my least healthy point, both mentally and physically.

I thought eating foods with as little sugar as possible and avoiding white pasta meant I was the epitome of health. I thought I was leading a perfectly balanced life. How wrong I turned out to be.

As it turns out, I didn’t understand the word balance at all.

How can you call it balanced eating when it is completely one-sided?

You may think to yourself, “If only I can strengthen my willpower, I can avoid those cookies.”

But our bodies are smarter than we give it credit for, and will find a way around that willpower. And when you are approaching eating from a place of willpower, you are discounting your body’s needs. This is why you will eventually find yourself in a cookie binge.

Eating never meant to be perfect.  Instead, approach eating from a place of wanting satisfaction.

Ask yourself these questions:

“What kind of cookie sounds good, stuffed or iced?”
“What do I like about its taste and texture?”
“Would I be satisfied with 2 or 4?”

Satisfying your body ultimately leads to more normalized eating and happiness with your body.

We all only have one life, so why would we want to spend it restricted for the sake of our physical appearance? After all, body image is an illusion and merely a reflection of how we feel things are going for us in our lives.

Your body doesn’t change day-to-day, but your interactions and experiences do. Invest wisely in your time in what really matters.

Today I work with my body instead of against it.  

It wasn’t until I started looking at cookies and kale as equal foods, that I became my healthiest.


Haley Goodrich, RD, LDN is a private practice Registered Dietitian based in Pittsburgh, PA inspiring others to have a healthy relationship with food.  Specializing in disordered eating, intuitive eating, and GI disorders, Haley’s mission is to show that healthy doesn’t have to be restrictive or defined by how you compare to others. To stay inspired to be your healthiest you, visit Haley at INSPIRD Nutrition.